Here we will show you just a small sample of the e-learning we produce:

  • These modules are created, often using bespoke material, to suit the Clients' requirements and Business needs, and are accessible on almost any smart device. 
  • What makes our  e-learning so successful is that it creates a robust learning experience that feels as much like a classroom experience as possible, offering traditional classroom characteristics (like instructor-student interaction, Q&As, discussion, games, collaborative projects, polls and quizzes, etc.). 
  • Our e-learning mantra is "Think & do the whole way through" and so our  e-learning  is designed to be engaging and focused on the learner throughout, ensuring that it becomes much more than just knowledge absorption. It turns the whole idea of learning into a challenging, yet pleasant and immersive experience. This makes it easier for the Delegate to understand the key learning points. 
 As Confucius said, "I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand" 

Example 1:
It's no accident that our first example is called " Bloom's Taxonomy", which is a classification system used to define and distinguish different levels of human cognition. You will notice from this example, that Understanding is depicted as the stage above the absorption of Knowledge. Our e-learning modules also include a wealth of ways in which to test the Application of the newly gained knowledge and, of course, we Review progress along the way. This only leaves the delegate the task of going away and playing with it and making it their own; Synthesis!
And so you can see why Bloom's Taxonomy is actually at the heart of all our e-learning design.

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Example 2:
This example of a fluid e-learning module was recently designed for Audi UK as Pre-learning for the Audi Infotainment Expert accreditation programme (we also designed the face to face elements for this programme).

Delegates navigate their way through and engage positively with the learning and activities throughout. They must complete each aspect of the first few sections in order to proceed to the 'free learn' element.

The module is designed to stretch their understanding of customer engagement around technology and help elevate their capabilities to the 'Expert' level, while having fun on their journey.

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Example 3:

The video below is an introduction to a set of e-learning modules designed to help Managers cope with the new reality they are being faced with; Managing Remote Teams. This example shows the quality of introduction your e-learning modules might take, using a variety of graphics and utilities to show emphasis and aid understanding. 

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Example 4:

Our last example introduces Sociograms. It's another fluid e-learning piece designed to allow Delegates to recognise relationships around them. 

Working through this module, the Delegate will need to navigate through the various screens, play and absorb all video content and consider, as they work their way through, just how the learning relates to their team environment, from a perspective of both a team leader and a team member.

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